Thursday, 11 October 2018

Vice-President in Tournai

Snawdoun had lunch in the main square at Tournai surrounded by guild heraldry -the arms of the painters' guild were especially relevant.

Lyon holds Book Launch

The Lord Lyon hosted a reception on the 9th October to launch Dr David Bertie’s new book “The Heraldry of the Bishops of Scotland." published by the HSS. The photograph shows the author with the Bishops of Brechin and Edinburgh and the Lord Lyon.

Thursday, 4 October 2018

Snawdoun in Arras

Snawdoun Herald is attending the 33rd International Congress of Genealogical and Heraldic Sciences in Arras and gave a paper on military references in Scottish heraldry through the ages. 

The arms she uses here to illustrate this are those of James Gibson-Craig, recorded in 1823. The blazon is: Quarterly, first and fourth Ermine on a fess Sable three crescents Argent (Craig), second and third Gules three keys bar-wise wards downwards Or (Gibson). 
Crest: a chevalier on horseback in full carriere grasping a broken lance in bend proper
Supporters: Dexter: a chevalier armed as of the fifteenth century, holding in his dexter hand a spear proper; sinister: a horse rampant barbed proper.
Other HSS members giving papers include our quondam Chairman, Alex Maxwell Findlater, who spoke on "The rise of lesser families in the wake of the Settlement of 1328."; Adrian Ailes whose paper was on "Symbols of Military Might and Magnificence in War and Peace."; Paul Fox, who spoke on "Peace through heraldry : the utilisation of the Canterbury cloister as an instrument of reconciliation in the aftermath of a period of civil war in early fifteenth century England."; Antti Matikkala whose paper was on "Karelia – the old battle field – in the twentieth-century. Finnish provincial, corporate and personal heraldry."; while Ronny Andersen spoke on "The Emergence of Heraldic Insignia in the Danish Army, c. 1945-1950." Joseph McMillan spoke on "The Great War and the Revolution in American Military Heraldry" and David Appleton on "Camels In Heraldry: Symbols In War and Peace."

Wednesday, 3 October 2018

Dublin Congress 2002 - Roll of Arms

Scrabbling around in old moth-eaten digital files, I have found a very poor photograph, taken on an early digital camera, of the Roll of Arms for the Dublin Congress of 2002. The roll is sored in the Office of the Chief Herald of Ireland. The badge Romilly painted for Margaret can be found at (6.3). How many other armigers can you spot?

Tuesday, 25 September 2018

Pre-Reformation Scottish Chivalry

The Lord Lyon, Snawdoun and Unicorn attended a lecture this evening in the Royal Scots Club on Pre-Reformation Templars, Hospitallers and Lazarites in Scotland by Rory MacLellan of St Andrews University. There was a large turn-out of HSS members.

After the lecture, a joint event of Order of Malta and the Venerable Order of St John, the speaker was presented with the SMOM's latest armorial.

Photographs by Liam Hackett

Monday, 24 September 2018

Margaret Sainte Claire RIP

It is with great sadness that we heard of the death of our dear friend Margaret Sainte Claire, a great lady, former Membership Secretary of the HSS and Chairman of the Glasgow St Andrew Society. She had fought cancer and the gruelling treatment it requires for as long as she could and finally succumbed to the cruel diease.

She maintained a lively waspish interest in the HSS and in heraldry generally right to the end and loved to point out to the present writer the frequent typos on his blog. She was immensely kind and almost to the end still giving talks on lip-reading to groups all over the country.

We will miss her sorely.

The badge above, tho' cobbled together by me for this blog, was designed for Margaret by the late Romilly Squire at the Dublin Congress as she did not have her own coat of arms. It is stored on the official roll of arms of the Congress in the Office of the Chief Herald of Ireland.

This photograph shows Margaret, third from right in the back row, with the Deacon Convener of the Trades House of Glasgow when she arranged, as Chairman of the St Andrew Society, for the assets of the Society, nearly a quarter of a million pounds, to be transferred to the House for the encouragement of the arts in Glasgow.

Gordon giving a talk

"Simple Heraldry: Cheerfully Illustrated

Why does heraldry matter? Journalist Gordon Casely, a founder member of the Heraldry Society of Scotland, brings to life an ancient art that’s on the rise and rise in 21st-century Scotland
Tuesday 9th October at 2pm
Clan Macpherson Museum, Main Street, Newtonmore
Space is limited, so please phone 01540 673332 to book a seat"

Great to see one of the most engaging speakers on heraldry continuing to spread the word.