Friday, 20 April 2018

Three new grants from the Lyon Office

The Lord Lyon has issued three new grants of arms whose owners have given permission for them to be shown on social media:

Paul Allan Bell - the artist is Maggie Spalding

The blazon is: Gules on a fess between in chief two bells and in base a portcullis Or a hunting horn contournĂ©e virolled and stringed and within the string a mullet of the Field.
Crest: A dexter arm erect couped at the elbow holding a dagger in bend sinister Proper.

Philip Alexander Slade - the artist is Maggie Spalding
Blazon: Per bend Gules and Argent, in sinister chief a buckle Or surmounted by a rainbow fimbriated of the second, in dexter base three horse's heads erased Sable. 
Crest: A great spotted woodpecker Proper. 

Thomas Tait - the artist is Clare McCrory.
Blazon: Argent a saltire engrailed Gules, on a chief of the Second three towers Or between each tower a quill palewise of the First veined Or.
Crest: A Bengal cat sejant guardant Proper.