Tuesday, 27 February 2018

Yvonne on Compartments

Yvonne Holton, Dingwall Pursuivant and Herald Painter, gave a talk last week to the Heraldry Society on COMPARTMENTS. She used the magnificent arms of Robertson of Struan as an example:

The poor savage, who it must be said looks quit happy languidly supporting the shield, is apparently a reference to the fact that a Robertson captured the murderer of King James I. The two murderers were executed with unusual cruelty on the orders of Queen Joan Beaufort, she who brought the gloruoius Unicorn to Scotland.

Yvonne herself is a Paganini of compartments, using them to convey all sorts of extra messages: here is the lovely painting she did of the arms of the Incorporation of Candlemakers of Edinburgh, replete with thistles, beehive and bees, as well as the jar of precious oil belonging to Mary Magdalene:

and the following brilliant compartment she painted for Very Rev. Professor Iain Torrance Kt. where she places a bone by the dominant dog!