Tuesday, 3 October 2017

Coat of Arms for the Association of Deacons of Glasgow

After the fascinating keynote-lecture by Charles Burnett on The History of Heraldic Art at the Lyon Court last night in Glasgow's historic Trades Hall, the Lord Lyon presented the President of the Association of Deacons with a grant of arms. 

The arms are designed to show that the Association of Deacons, the last of the 17 societies of the Trades House to record arms, is grand-daughter of the City of Glasgow. The arms consist in the City's arms differenced for the Trades House by a Gules field in base, an then further differenced by a border Sanguine charged with sheaves of 14 arrows Or - the tincture and arrow being a reference not just to the 14 incorporations but also to the Association of Deacons tie.