Sunday, 28 May 2017

New chairman elected

At the Annual General Meeting in Perth today, there were some elections, all uncontested, so the new Committee is:
Chairman: Dr. Beverly Bergman.
Treasurer: Stuart Emerson.
Secretary: Alan Watson.
Social Secretary: Edward Mallinson.
Editor: Prof. James Floyd.
Membership Secretary: Liam Devlin
Webmaster (co-opted): John Duncan

North America Delegate: Donald Draper Campbell
Committee Members:
Ian Shepherd.
Dr. David Bertie.
Mark Hamid.
Colin Russell
Philip Tibbetts.
Here is the new Chairman with Vice-President Snawdoun Herald, who chaired the election section of the meeting with great eloquence and efficiency.
Beverly gave a most interesting address as to her very interesting plans and hopes for the Society, including updating parts of the Constitution to comply with current guidelines. She also paid a fulsome tribute to her predecessor, Alex Maxwell Findlater.