Saturday, 17 December 2016

Funeral Service of Romilly Squire of Rubislaw

Sadly, the webcast link the crematorium gave us for Romilly's funeral does not appear to have worked. We have asked if by any chance it was recorded and will keep you posted, in the meantime, here is a description and the Order of Service with some of Edward's photographs.

The funeral procession, with piper David Waterton-Anderson, was led by Slains Pursuivant, his tabard garlanded by black ribbons, then Canon Morrow the Lord Lyon, then banners (with mourning ribbons) belonging to Romilly, George Way of Plean, Martin Goldstraw of Whitecairns, David McGeachie and William Newlands of Lauriston, then Ormond bearing Romilly's hatchment, beautifully painted by Ormond himself in the short time since Romilly's death, then the coffin, then Unicorn bearing some of Romilly's honours and decorations, then the family and some of Romilly's huge circle of friends.

The service was a great mixture of pageantry and humour, with a witty and affectionate eulogy by Romilly's great friend, George Way of Plean, whose wife, Lynn, gave three short readings, and bizarre musical choices (!) ranging from Puccini to a Bulgarian wedding Band. Canon Morrow brought great dignity to the service both by the warmth of his own tributes to Romilly and by the solemnity with which he delivered the committal and blessing. There will be fuller accounts of the funeral from others later but I know people were disappointed not to be able see the service on the web and I hope this brief account of our friend's funeral will give them some compensation. Requiescat in pace.