Sunday, 13 January 2019

Forthcoming Lecture

Please note there is a change to the lecture on Saturday 26th January:

 “Branding or Blazon? The future of Heraldry in a world of Logos and Trademarks” by Elizabeth Roads, LVO will replace “Alexander Galloway- a remarkable Aberdeen Cleric with a Taste for Heraldry” by Charles Burnett, Esq., which will be given at a later date. We are very grateful to Elizabeth for kindly bringing her lecture forward.

The lecture will be followed by a launch of the Society's latest publications Heraldry of the Bishops of Scotland by Dr David M. Bertie and Lyndsay Armorial 1532-34 by Alex Maxwell Findlater.

Saturday, 12 January 2019

Death of Sir Conrad Swan

We are all very sorry to have heard of the death of Conrad Swan at the venerable age of 94. Conrad was Garter from 1992-1995 and a Knight of Honour and Devotion in the Order of Malta.

Here are his arms as painted most beautifully by our member Anthony Delarue for his book, "Banners of the Bold".

Sir Conrad writes, ‘The arms are of my Polish-Lithuanian line and are of the Herb (i.e. Arms) Jastrzebiec (i.e. Sparrow hawk) as seen in my crest (not illustrated). Long used by my family, Poland did not have any official central regulation of Arms before the final and third Partition of Poland Lithuania, came under the Russians. The Arms and Szlachta status (literally noble, but probably best translated as gentry)of my family was confirmed by the Department of Heraldry, St Petersburg on the 26th July 1811 and re-matriculated on various occasions down to 1860 – soon after which the family came into the British Empire.
Granted(Confirmed) 7th January 1967 (College of Arms)

Saturday, 5 January 2019

Roman Catholic Diocese of Galloway

Lyon has granted arms to the Diocese of Galloway, thus completing the set of arms for the eight Scottish Catholic dioceses. The arms have been beautifully rendered by Annette Reed who has used diapering to fill in the shield on which the only charge is the ancient Kirkmadrine Cross, based on the Chi-Rho symbol and found on a fifth or sixth century stone in Galloway.

The blazon is simply: Argent the Kirkmadrine cross Azure.

Tuesday, 1 January 2019

Happy New Year 2019

edit: I am told the legend is too small to be read so here it is:
H - Henriville (Moselle)
A - Aubenas-les-Alpes (Provence)
PP - Pöttmes (Bavaria)
Y - Issoire (Auvergne)

N - Niederissigheim (Hesse)
E - Engelhartszell (Austria)
W - Wildberg (Baden-Wurttemberg)

Y - Swedish icebreaker, Ymer.
E - former arms of Eiterbach (Baden-Wurttemberg)
A - Geiselbach (Bavaria)
R - Rothenfels (Bavaria), canting arms.

2 - former Canterbury, and Nelson-Marlborough and West Coast Regiment (New Zealand)
0 - Beaurepaire (a family name in Champagne)
1 - 1st US Air Force
9 - 9th US Air Force

Saturday, 22 December 2018

Christmas Imagery

“The Nativity with the donor Cardinal Archbishop Jean Rolin”, c. 1480. by Jean Hey (Master of Moulins)

Shepherds' crooks and star(s) - McGuffie 1920 (24/51)

Mother and Child - Lauder  1938 (Lyon Register 33/10)

Three Kings from the Forman-Workman ms.

St Nicholas - Aberdeen Old People's Welfare Council 1968 (Lyon Register 50/44)

Merry Christmas!

Sunday, 9 December 2018

Mother of All Demos 1968

Today is the Golden Jubilee of the "Mother of All Demos" when the computer mouse was publicly demonstrated for the first time.

While it is good to see new charges in Heraldry, nothing seems to date as much as technology-related charges so a hearty "Bravo" to the Canadian Heraldic Authority for giving one of their IT-based armigers a much wittier solution: